Shopify Plus or Magento Enterprise, What is the Best fit for our E-commerce company?

E-commerce company

Like every individual, every business is also unique. For that reason, your ecommerce online store should also be just as equally unique. And to accomplish this, you must decide which ecommerce platform will suit to your business needs.

Here are just few things you want to consider before you choose the best fit for your store:


When you compare Shopify VS Magneto, you must recognize what type of coding they use. It is important to know. Because it will help you decide better what type of ecommerce store it will built for you – a simple store with less complexities or a complex store with advanced functions. Will you be able to customize the source code as per your needs?

Shopify Plus uses a code language called Liquid. Here, you don’t get a hold of source code. It means you won’t be able to alter it to your specific needs. This makes Shopify Plus a better option for simple stores where you don’t need a custom site as such.

On the other hand, Magento uses PHP. Not to forget, it is an open source solution. It means source code is freely available and can be altered. Hence, you can modify the template code according to your online store needs.


When it comes to expense, you must pay heed not only to the monthly charges. Instead, you must look at transaction fees when you compare Shopify VS Magneto. What do both platforms charge each time when an online transaction is made?

Shopify is a software-as-a-service (SAAS). It means that users are required to pay a monthly subscription fee to approach the Shopify software. For starters, Shopify offers a free trial, but later on they will ask you to pay for services. Basic plan is $29/month and goes up to $179/month.

On the other hand, Magento Enterprise pricing starts at $22,000 on annual basis. Magento has undergone some major business changes including improvements and many updates. As a result, they are bound to charge high prices for their services. Regardless of which pricing plan of Magento you pick, expense will rise as much as your business will generate more income.

Ecosystem Benefits

Both platforms offer third party integration tools. These tools or apps help retailers to create an exceptional ecommerce experience for both consumers and business.  Magento provides more than 5000 extensions to choose from, whereas Shopify Plus offers only 500 apps. Compared to Shopify plus, Magento’s open-source extensions are not so reliable and are of low quality.


Do you want quality over quantity? Before you jump to any ecommerce platform, make sure you consider all aspects discussed above. Look at your budget, technical skills and business goals. Then make a wise choice.

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